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  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Temporary Holiday Joy Fest now runs on PC

    Heure : Mar. 6, 2020

    It won't be long before Monster Hunter World on PC finally catches up with its console counterparts for updates. However, until this magical April day, Capcom has exceptional offers for PC players, and the next one is the Holiday Joy Fest temporary event.


    The event is functionally same to that of Xbox One and PS4 last December, which means that even if Iceborne owners can experience the first Holiday Joy Fest in Seliana Gathering Hub, only base game players can play Live the Winter Star Fest event in Astera again.



    By completing special event missions at the newly decorated Seliana Gathering Center, hunters can manage the materials needed to create a variety of themed items, including the striking Oolong armor set and the Lucky Crimson Tiger pendant, and Shishi Mai costume for palicoes.



    At the most special end of the scale, players can also collect the materials needed to make the Crazy Scavenger peak, as well as the Duffel Penguin mask and the giant scarf taken for sealed dragon cloth. There is also the Buff Body armor set for those who wish to flex their well-oiled pectoral muscles with friends.



    According to Capcom's 2020 content roadmap, PC players can resume Safi'jiiva, the adult form of Xeno'jiiva found at the end of the basic Monster Hunter World campaign, and Stygian Zinogre in March. The unleashed Brachydios and the raging Rajang arrive in April. At this point, the development of the PC and the console will converge.


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